Q: How much will you charge me to publish my book?

A: Nothing. We only get paid when you get paid—When the book sells.

Q: How do you pay royalties.

A: Royalties for paperbacks are calculated as a percentage of sales price each time a book sells. In fact the balance sheet for some types of sales gives our company a net loss. For eBooks, royalties are based on the proceeds after the costs charged by the platform where the book is published.

Q: What makes Anderson Publishing different from traditional publishing houses.

A. We are a small company, and we partner with authors more than traditional publishers. Your book goes through the same rounds of edits, design, formatting, etc...as you would get with larger publishers. You have direct contact with us, and during editing, your wishes are weighed more heavily. As your book is under way, we are also partners in marketing plans and efforts. We pay some of the best royalties in the industry, and one way we do this is through collaborating with you on marketing and selling your book.

Q: How can I know books published by Anderson Publishing are books that I won't find offensive.

A: There's no guarantee that you will not find some material in our books offensive. In storytelling, if there's not something that offends the senses, it's probably a boring story. The "Our Books" section contains a synopsis for each book and gives you some clues about the content. Some of our books contain scenes that may not be suitable for all audiences, but which also meet our guidelines for publication. We do not publish the following:
  • We do not publish explicit erotica. 
  • We do not publish overt anti-religious material. Our books may have characters who are religious or non-religious. If the purpose of the book is to preach against a religion, we do not choose it for publication.
  • There is very little profanity, and there are no "f" words in our books. When there is mild profanity, this will be noted in a Parents' Guide section for each book.
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