About Us

We're a micro publishing company, a group of writers united to help each other get our books out. We take our books through edits, formatting, file creation and launch, as well as coordinate marketing efforts. We pay high royalties and keep our prices at the market price for our readers.

Whether you are a writer, a business, or a reader, check out our books and services. We look forward to spending more time with you!

Our Team

James Mitchell

James co-founded Anderson Publishing in 2017. Before that, he spent more than a decade drafting and editing a variety of documents, manuscripts, scripts and reports. He claims his dad-jokes are the best dad-jokes, but nobody is quite sure what that means.

On a given day you will likely find him reading or writing...or editing a manuscript.

James is married to Angela, who co-founded the company. Angela currently has a separate business venture of her own, but helps out by providing advice whenever needed. 


Amy Shepherd

Amy has been writing since she first got her hands on a pen when she was seven months old, just before she ate a bug. She hasn't confirmed this is true, but it's probably true. 

Amy's editing advice is second-to-none. Writers would be hard-pressed to find better. She is in tune with the world of literature. She knows what readers love, and what they hate. Her recommendations are always spot-on. 

Amy can be found writing, editing, and reviewing manuscripts.

Allison Bradley

This is definitely not a picture of Allison, but we promise Allison is among us. 

Allison is officially our copy editor, and she excels at line editing. Her eye will catch things that help us polish our final drafts to a fine gloss. She can be found telling us that our commas are in the wrong places, that we spelled coma comma incorrectly, that  we used a semi-colon inappropriately, or that our "their" should be "there."

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