The Dixie Contract, by Wayne Overson

In 1974, drug shipments out of Central and South America were a common and rapidly increasing event along I-15 in Southern Utah. Cartel leaders such as Pablo Escobar in Colombia, along with drug lords in the Central and Eastern U.S. raked in millions of dollars.

Utah Highway Patrol officer Aaron Gentry gets the job he’s wanted since becoming a trooper—patrolling the highways of Utah’s Dixie. On patrol one night he encounters a mysterious woman with ties to a polygamist group. This meeting launches Aaron into an intense and lasting romance. 

Meanwhile, Trooper Barney Jeppson—an eight-year veteran of the U.S. Marines—brings with him the drive and expertise to generate an impressive arrest record. Aaron Gentry and officer Dan Wilde follow his lead. 

Chicago drug kingpin Percival “Rube” Rubinski, after losing millions to the drug interdictions by the Utah Highway Patrol, hires a couple of Nevada parolees to monitor drug shipments in order to reduce the losses. But the troopers quickly see through the tactics of the two inept drug traffickers. When Rube becomes painfully aware of the absurd stratagems of his employees, there is only one way to resolve the problem... 

The Dixie Contract—set in and around the scenic St. George and Cedar City areas of Southern Utah—offers action, suspense, and romance that the reader won’t soon forget.

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