To Wake A Sleeping Child, by A. Shepherd

 In the near future, prisoner Keith Fortin is drawn out of the underground arctic prison where he has spent the last eleven years of his life. Accepted into an obscure inmate project called, "The Descendant Program," he receives a small apartment, and the promise of earning his freedom.

Then, he is given a child.

Terrible secrets begin to emerge. The children of the Descendant Program are not what they seem. Before long, Keith recognizes something larger happening outside the Descendant Program, and he is forced into multiple schemes that he feels are aimed at his failure. No longer just an inmate, but a father, Keith will do anything to protect his child…...Anything.

A. Shepherd's novel explores the love of a parent for his child, and the sacrifices he is willing to make to save his only son. 

Genre: Sci-fi
Page count: 316
Parent Guide: Some adult themes. Mild violence. Mild language.

$13.99 - Paperback$4.99 - eBook (read on your phone, tablet or computer)

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